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Green Belt

     o Green Belts must complete a minimum forty (40) hours of classroom training to include DMAIC process, introduction to basic statistics, hypothesis testing, and control methods.
     o After training is completed, the GB must complete one Six Sigma project that demonstrates statistically significant process improvement.
     o GB must present project report to the executive and be able to defend/explain the use of Six Sigma tools and project results.
     o GB certification is granted by the management team, with the approval of the regional Deployment Champion, or an master Black Belt or Black Belt designated by the Deployment Champion with this authority.

Black Belt

     o Black Belt must complete a minimum four (4) weeks (approximately 160 hours) of BLACK BELT training under the tutelage of a Master Black Belt. This training shall consist of the following, at a minimum:
     o In depth explanation of DMAIC process
     o Project selection methods
     o Financial analysis of projects
     o Process mapping
     o Measurement System Analysis
     o Process capability
     o Sample Size and confidence intervals
     o Statistical hypothesis testing
     o Linear and multiple regression
     o Multi-Vari analysis
     o ANOVA
     o Chi-Square analysis
     o DOE
     o Control plans
     o BLACK BELT must attend all training module sessions, or make up any missed modules with the MASTER BLACK BELT.
     o BLACK BELT shall pass a test on each week’s training topics, and a final test of BLACK BELT materials. Retests are permitted after an initial test failure.
     o After training is completed, the BLACK BELT must complete two (2) Six Sigma projects that demonstrate statistically significant process improvement.
     o BLACK BELT must present both project reports to the mentoring MASTER BLACK BELT, DEPLOYMENT CHAMPION, and upon request to the Six Sigma Council (or a designated subset thereof), and be able to defend/explain the use of Six Sigma tools and project results.

Master Black Belt

     o MASTER BLACK BELT must meet all the requirements of a certified BLACK BELT and in addition they must:
     o Successfully teach 80% of BLACK BELT Training modules.
     o Demonstrate the ability to develop/adapt BLACK BELT training materials
     o Mentor a minimum of five (5) Black Belts projects
     o Complete advanced statistical training in at least four of the following areas:
     o Response Surface Methodology
     o Logistic Regression
     o Auto correlation and cross correlation
     o Kappa analysis
     o Multiple Subjective Evaluations
     o Reliability Analysis
     o Capability Analysis of non-normal data
     o Transactional Tools

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